Ayurvedic Facial 60 Minute  


An Ayurvedic Facial begins with a soothing and exfoliating massage with dry, raw silk Garshana gloves. This nurtures the delicate skin tissues, and activates its natural cleansing and rejuvenating processes. It removes dead skin cells and reduces wrinkles.  Following Garshana, we lightly apply warm oil to massage the face, neck, and shoulders, and incorporate special energetic points (Marma Points) to clear the channels that move through the face. A Kansa Wand is used in the massage for added benefit. Kansa, a metal blend of copper, tin and zinc, has been around for approximately 5000 years and is considered to be a sacred metal. Since Kansa is a conductor, it can attune your chakras and balance the three doshas.
The Kansa Wand helps to soften fine lines, de-puff the eyes, firm the jawline and cheekbones, and relax the neck and shoulders.
Next we cleanse and steam the face, opening the pores in preparation for the mask.  As the mask nourishes and firms your skin,  a gentle massage is given to the hands and feet to stimulate all the nerve endings and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.  After the mask is removed, a light and silky moisturizer is applied and a gentle serum for wrinkle treatment if needed.  Ayurveda believes in not putting anything on your skin that your can’t ingest, and only the highest quality products are used. Facials are for Men and Women alike and an important treatment as it is always the facial skin that is constantly exposed and vulnerable to the elements.

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