Abhyanga Massage

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Abhyanga is a beautifully choregraphed massage that has many therapeutic purposes.  The strokes used are specific for manual drainage of the Lymphatic System, and the abundant use of warm herbal oils, pacifies the Nervous System and lubricates the joints.  Snehana is the Sanskrit word for ‘oil’, and ‘love’, making Abhyanga fondly referred to as the ‘Love Massage’.  Learn More

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1 review for Abhyanga Massage

  1. Karnamrita Dasi

    Every time Seva has given me Abhyanga massages, I feel deeply nourished. Her sense of finding my weak points and nourishing them was beautiful proof of her intuition as an Ayurvedic specialist. So grateful to have had her healing and Satvic knowledge in this form.

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